Donnerstag, 2. Mai 2013

Paintjob: HÄT Napoleonic Prussian Artillery

Paintjob: ESCI Crimean War Russian Artillery and Infantry

New Miniatures.... in 1/72

We are working to produce the following new and old seits for the convention in Mainz 2013:

CW-A401 Jewish Priests - 2 Miniatures
CW-A501 Pictish Warriors / Pirates
CW-M002 Conquistador with Flag
CW-M006 Anatolian Spahis and Gun
CW-M008 Chinese Medieval Tiger-Unit
CW-NAP003 Napoleonic Tiroler Andreas Hofer
We are still working on some more masters (nearly 20, some new themes)

Willers-Figuren (re-issue)
WiFi-005 Knights and Bishops
WiFi-006 Tollköpfe (Ottoman Allies)
WiFi-007 Samurai
WiFi-008 Samurai Cavalry
WiFi-010 Landsknechte

Available earlier again

The new Strelets-Sets arrived today!

M133 British Infantry 1899-1902 M134 French Infantry in Summer Dress 173 French Line Infantry on the March 1 (Flanking C...