Donnerstag, 22. August 2019

Montag, 1. Juli 2019

The new Strelets-Sets arrived today!

M133 British Infantry 1899-1902
M134 French Infantry in Summer Dress
173 French Line Infantry on the March 1 (Flanking Companies)
180 Prussian Infantry Standing Shoulder Arms
181 Old Guard on the March
188 Pom-Pom Gun with Boer Crew
189 Pom-Pom Gun with British Crew
190 Mounted Rif Rebels
191 Rif Rebellion
192 French Foreign Legion Desert Patrol
225 French Line Infantry at Ease in Winter Dress (Flanking Companies)
226 Japanese Type 98 AA 20mm Gun
A015 Canon de 105 mle 1913 Schneider with French Crew
A016 Cannone da 105/28 Schneider Ansaldo with Italian Crew
A018 155 mm St.Chamond Howitzer with French Late War Crew in Winter Dress


Freitag, 31. Mai 2019

ORION Neuheiten :-) News in 1/72

Heute erhielt ich ein Paket von mit den vier neuen Sets von ORION. Schöne Qualität, Mehr dazu, wenn sie bemalt sind.

050 WWII US Tank Crew in Winter Dress

054 WWII German Antiresistance Troops

055 Turkish Cavalry Deli

056 Vietnam-War Local Communist Forse

Sonntag, 26. Mai 2019

Etruscan Cavalry and Amazons from Linear-A :-) - Scale 1/72

Great news from the fantastic manufacture from Linear-A
You can see new masters from two new sets:

Etruscan Cavalry


Samstag, 19. Januar 2019

News from Linear-A 1/72

Today I received a smal package from Linear-A (shop and manufactur 1/72) with a testsprue from the new set - in a few dayse I can publish the painted results. I think available is the new set in a few month.

Mittwoch, 2. Januar 2019

Miniatures News from Linear-A for 2019 :-)

Very good  outlook for this year from (1/72) :-)

#010 Germanic Warriors Set 2 "Command"
#013 Hannibal Crosses the Alps Set 2 "Cavalry"

#016 Hannibal Crosses the Alps Set 3 "Elephants"

#017 Roman Legion Set 1 "Varus, give me back my legions"

#018 Roman Legion Set 2 "Command " "Varus, give me back my legions"

#019 Battle of Cunaxa 401B.C. Set 2

#020 Trajan`s Legion are back !!!

#021 Amazons "Daughter's of Ares"
#022 The Etruscans „Cavalry“ 9th-5nd.Centuries BC Set 2

#023 Hannibal makes a triumphal entry to Italy Set 4
#024 Napoleonic Wars Surprise set

Dark Alliance - Corsairs, Mummies and Elves 1/72

Great new sets arrived! You can buy sprues here , because I need only one from each!