Donnerstag, 23. April 2020

News von Linear-A Ancient & Napoleonic in 1/72

A new Set for Hannibals expedition to rome is now available in the Shop from

"LINEAR-A 023 HANNIBAL CROSSES THE ALPS "Hannibal makes a triumphal entry to Italy" Set 4"

NORMAL SETS - linear-a Webseite!


And a lot of new stuff in work:

Pictures all from the website of

013 Hannibal Crosses the Alps Set 2 "CAVALRY"

016 Hannibal Crosses the Alps Set 3 "ELEPHANTS"


017 Roman Legion Set 1 "Varus give me back my legions I A.D."

018 Roman Legion Set 2 "DISASTER" "Varus give me back my legions I A.D."
019 Battle of Cunaxa 401 B.C. ( Xenophon`s War) Set 2 "Greek Hoplites on the March"

020 The Minoans 1600-1450 B.C. "Late Minoan period" 


024 Napoleonic War`s Surprise Set is  Prussian Landwehr Cavalry
025 Hannibal Crosses the Alps Set 5 "Salassi (celtic tribe) vs. Carthaginian"
026 Samnite Wars (new series)
027 Napoleonic War`s Surprise Set
028 The Army of Pyrrhus of Epirus Set 1 (new series)
029 Roman Anti-Elephant Wagon Set 1
030 Tarentine Horseman of Magna Graecia
031 Syracuse, Sicily War Set 1 (new series)
032 Trajan`s Legion versus Dacians Set 1
034 Ptolemies Infantry Set 1 (Hellenistic Diadoches) (new series)
035 Greco-Bactrian Kingdom
036 Battle of Cunaxa 401 B.C. ( Xenophon`s War) Set 3 "Persian Cavalry"
037 Neanderthal vs. Denisova Human vs. Homo sapiens Set 1
038 Rome's early period
039 Eastern Roman Empire 6th century AD " Roman Infantry" Set 1

001s Vigiles Urbani "Cohortes Vigilum" SET 1

002s Sacrifice before the battle

003s Legionary Recruits Training

004s Waterloo after the Battle Set 1 FRENCH Disaster   

005s Waterloo after the Battle SET 2 BRITISH Disaster 

006s The Victory of Waterloo
007s Roman Artillery Set 1 BALLISTA
008s Roman Artillery Set 2 ONAGER
009s Roman Artillery Set 3 SCORPIO
010s Hannibal vs. Scipio "ZAMA"
011s Imperator Justinian I. Imperatrix Theodora I."eastern roman empire 6th cent. AD" Set 1
012s Publius Quinctilius Varus "DISASTER" "Varus give me back my legions I A.D."


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