Dienstag, 22. Juni 2021

Dormeuse - die Kutsche von Napoleon Bonaparte in Scale 1/72 - Donation for Strays in Romania

Heute erhielt ich Paket mit einem Bausatz im Maßstab 1/72, welcher als eine Top-Rarität unter Sammlern gilt. Die "Dormeuse - die Kutsche von Napoleon I.", die von Frank Germershaus gemastert und produziert wurde. Der Zinn-Bausatz ist vollständig (inkl. Bauanleitung). Der Bausatz ist die Spende eines Sammlers aus dem Ostseeraum, damit ich sie bei EBAY zugunsten meines Hilfsprojekts "Streuner Seelen" (www.streuner-seelen.de) versteigern kann und der Reinerlös in den Spendentopf für Strassenhunde/-katzen in Rumänien geht. Von Herzen vielen Dank für diese unerwartete Unterstützung! Die Auktion startet im Juli; dann werden auch die signierten Bücher von Tommy Krappweis und das T-Shirt der Toten Hosen ebenfalls versteigert. 


Today I received a package with a 1/72 scale kit, which is considered a top rarity among collectors. The "Dormeuse - Napoleon I. carriage", which was mastered and produced by Frank Germershaus. The tin kit is complete (including assembly instructions). The kit is a donation from a collector from the german Eastsea-Area, so that I can sell it on EBAY in favor of my helpproject "Streuner Seelen" (www.streuner-seelen.de) and the net proceeds go to the donation pot for street dogs / cats in Romania. Thank you very much for this unexpected support! The auction starts in July; then the signed books by Tommy Krappweis and the Toten Hosen t-shirt will also be auctioned.

Dormeuse - die Kutsche von Napoleon Bonaparte in Scale 1/72 - Donation for Strays in Romania / Tom Pedall

Dormeuse - die Kutsche von Napoleon Bonaparte in Scale 1/72 - Donation for Strays in Romania / Tom Pedall




Sonntag, 20. Juni 2021

Linear-A Sets (projects) ... really great stuff in Scale 1/72

Pictures from the website of www.linear-a.de - update-information 20.06.2021

024 Napoleonic Wars Surprise Set is   Prussian Landwehr Cavalry

(2 of 10 workpoints Drafts of figures / poses / modeling begins)

025 Hannibal crosses the Alps Set 5 "Celtic Salassi / Taurini tribe vs. Carthaginians" 


This set is on the way to the webshop (8 of 10 workpoints)

027 Napoleonic Wars Surprise Set

(1 of 10 Workpoints "epoch, research, review")

and more stuff on the Homepage of Linear-A under this link 

Montag, 12. April 2021

Talking and painting Miniatures 1/72 - Video-Podcasts

From this month I will start with a video podcast that you can watch or just listen to. During the video I will always paint at least one miniature, record it and talk about at first over the miniatures and news and as 2nd over my support-project "Stray Souls" - especially about street dogs, whats the problems and why they need help and of course about the organizations and private persons they I supported in Romania (Suceag , Cluj and Suceava) - as well as through the fosterstation in Engelskirchen (germany).

I also talk about projects and news from the shelters or certain cases of cats and dogs ... think that it should be very interesting.

The video appears in my "miniatures" channel and "Streuner Seelen" channel (with English subtitles)

Miniatures for Strays 1/72 Tom Pedall Streuner Seelen Wuppertal


Sonntag, 11. April 2021

Angebot Bemalung / Offer Painting

Unter dem Titel "Miniatures for Strays" sind vor wenigen Wochen zwei Figurensets mit je 6 Figuren bei www.germania-figuren.eu erschienen (jeweils 5 Frauen und 1 Tier). 
Um jedoch die Hilfe für die Strassenhunde weiter zu fördern, biete ich persönlich noch zusätzlich an, dass ich Miniaturen im Maßstab 1/72 im Auftrag bemale und zwar 25 Stück für 75 € (davon gehen 50 € als Spende in den Topf für Rumänien). Zahlung bei Fertigstellung und Figuren müssen gestellt werden, Bearbeitungszeit max 2 Wochen. 
Bei Interesse bitte PM an mich oder E-Mail tom.pedall@gmail.com 
A few weeks ago two figure sets with 6 figures each were published under the title "Miniatures for Strays" at www.germania-figuren.eu (5 women and 1 animal each). 
However, in order to further support the help for the street dogs, I personally also offer that I paint miniatures in 1/72 scale on behalf of 25 pieces for € 75 (€ 50 of which will be donated to the pot for Romania). Payment upon completion and figures must be made, processing time max 2 weeks. 
If you are interested, please PM me or email tom.pedall@gmail.com


Samstag, 27. März 2021

Painting Results 1/72

After one year I painted again and these are the results...

Painted in 2 hours... with breaks


The Miniature from
is a part of one of two sets from the Project "Miniatures for Strays". Available under this link: Webshop

Freitag, 19. März 2021

"Miniatures for Strays" - New Miniatures from Germania Figuren

I have a private project... for to help People inm Romania, they help streetdogs...

Now I could realize a help-project with https://www.Germania-Figuren.eu

Two sets with 6 miniatures for the postapocalyptic time - female warriors and animals. 

Both sets: 

 (copyright Germania-Figuren.eu)

The profit (6 €) from the sale from each of this set goes to two Romanian Organizations in Suceag and Cluj (ASIPA and TAC.medicina, both in Transylvania) each 50%. They take care of those on the site who have no voice, stray dogs. The money will be used for food, medical treatment and emergencys, castrations and accommondation. You can find more information over the organisations on my homepage of https://www.streuner-seelen.de

You can order the figures via the "Germania-Figuren"-webshop: https://germania-figuren.eu/1-72-Resinfiguren/1-72-Germania-Figuren/Post-Apocalyptic-world/

The complete processing of orders incl. shipping makes Germania-Figuren

Pictures an more: 

A really big thank you to Michael Cremerius for to realizing this project!

Montag, 8. Februar 2021

More Masters from Linear-A / Miniatures 1/72

More new Masters you can see now on the page from Linear-A (also Webshop) - Pictures form the website

#028 The Army of Pyrrhus of Epirus Infantry PHALANX Set 1  

The masters got now longer Sarissas. 



#033 Hellenistic Diadochi / Epigonoi - Seleucid Infantry 




Sonntag, 7. Februar 2021

News from Linear-A Miniatures 1/72

On the Website vom Linear-A (also Webshop) you can see now the box-layout and miniatures from a new set. At time not available, but I think in the next time. 

026 Samnite Wars Infantry Set 1 

Mittwoch, 3. Februar 2021

Linear-A ... a company with big surprises :-)

Last month 2 new sets are on the market

019 Battle of Cunaxa 401 B.C. - Set 2 "Greeks Hoplites on the march"


020 The Minoans 1600-1450 B.C. "Late Minoan Period"


Dormeuse - die Kutsche von Napoleon Bonaparte in Scale 1/72 - Donation for Strays in Romania

Heute erhielt ich Paket mit einem Bausatz im Maßstab 1/72, welcher als eine Top-Rarität unter Sammlern gilt. Die "Dormeuse - die Kuts...