Samstag, 27. März 2021

Painting Results 1/72

After one year I painted again and these are the results...

Painted in 2 hours... with breaks


The Miniature from
is a part of one of two sets from the Project "Miniatures for Strays". Available under this link: Webshop

Freitag, 19. März 2021

"Miniatures for Strays" - New Miniatures from Germania Figuren

I have a private project... for to help People inm Romania, they help streetdogs...

Now I could realize a help-project with

Two sets with 6 miniatures for the postapocalyptic time - female warriors and animals. 

Both sets: 


The profit (6 €) from the sale from each of this set goes to two Romanian Organizations in Suceag and Cluj (ASIPA and TAC.medicina, both in Transylvania) each 50%. They take care of those on the site who have no voice, stray dogs. The money will be used for food, medical treatment and emergencys, castrations and accommondation. You can find more information over the organisations on my homepage of

You can order the figures via the "Germania-Figuren"-webshop:

The complete processing of orders incl. shipping makes Germania-Figuren

Pictures an more: 

A really big thank you to Michael Cremerius for to realizing this project!

New Homepage for 1/72

I have decide for a re-start from my project for painter, collector and wargamer with Miniatures in Scale 1/72. I'm still working on the...