Manufactures 1/72

050 British Infantry 1815
051 French Cuirassiers 1815
052 British Infantry World War II
053 French Carabiniers 1815
054 Confederate Infantry 1861
055 Union Infantry 1861
056 Zulus
057 British Infantry Zulu War
058 French Infantry 1815
059 English Civil War Royalist Artillery
060 Union Regiments
061 English Civil War Royalist Infantry
062 English Civil War Command Set


01701 Guards Band
Guards Colour Party
01703 World War II British Infantry
01704 Farm Stock
01705 World War II German Infantry
01706 Civilians
01707 Cowboys
01708 Indians
01709 World War II 8th Army
01710 Foreign Legion
01711 Afrika Korps
01712 Union Infantry
01713 Confederate Infantry
01714 American Civil War Artillery
01715 Wagon Train
01716 World War II U.S. Marines
01717 World War II Russian Infantry
01718 World War II Japanese Infantry
01719 Arabs (Bedouins)
01720 Robin Hood
01721 Sheriff of Nottingham
01722 US Cavalry
01723 World War II British Paratroops
01724 Zoo Animals No. 1
01725 Zoo Animals No. 2
01726 WWI German Infantry
01727 WWI British Infantry
01728 WWI French Infantry
01729 WWI American Infantry
01730 Romans
01731 World War I Royal Horse Artillery
01732 Commandos
01733 Tarzan Figures
01734 Ancient Britons
01735 Waterloo Highland Infantry
01736 Waterloo French Cavalry (Cuirassiers)
01737 Waterloo French Artillery
01738 The High Chaparral
01739 Washington's Army
01740 American War of Independence British Grenadiers
01741 Astronauts
01742 Station Accessories
01743 Waterloo British Cavalry (Hussars)
01744 Waterloo French Infantry
01745 Waterloo British Infantry
01746 Waterloo British Artillery
01747 R.A.F. Personnel
01748 U.S.A.F. Personnel
01749 Waterloo French Imperial Guard
01750 World War II Australian Infantry
01751 World War II US Paratroops
01752 World War II German Mountain Troops
01753 World War II German Paratroops
01754 WWII Gurkhas
01755 WWII Luftwaffe Personnel
01756 Prussian Infantry 1815
01757 World War II Italian Infantry
01758 NATO Ground Crew
01759 NATO Infantry
01760 Modern Russians
01761 SAS
01762 WWII British Infantry
01763 WWII British Infantry


89001 leFH18 105mm Howitzer
99006 WWII German Mortar Team
99007 WWII German Machine Gun Team
99010 WWII German BMW with Sidecar
99011 WWII German Zundapp Motorcycle


1501 At The Pharaoh's Court
1502 The Egyptian Army
1503 The Egyptian Cavalry
1508 Greek Life in the Acropolis
1509 Greek Army
1510 Greek Cavalry
1511 The Trojan Army
1515 Roman Legion
1516 Roman Cavalry
1517 Gladiators and Christians

Caesar Miniatures 

H001 SAS
H002 World War II German Infantry
H003 Japanese Samurai with Ninja
H004 Ch'in Dynasty Army
H005 World War II German Infantry with Winter Gear
H006 WWII Underground Resisters (Partisans)
H007 Assyrian Army
H008 Hittite Warriors
H009 Egyptian Army
H010 Assyrian Cavalry
H011 Assyrian Chariot
H012 Hittite Chariots
H014 Hebrew Warriors
H015 Mitannian Mariyannu Chariot
H017 Medieval Knights (Crusaders)
H018 Saladin with Saracen Cavalry
H019 Trojan Army
H020 Mycenaean Army
H021 Mycenaean Chariot
H022 Biblical Era Libyan Warriors
H023 Arab Camel Riders and Bedouin
H024 Ancient Egyptian Chariots
H025 The Conquistadores
H026 Inca Warriors
H027 Maya Warriors
H028 Aztec Warriors
H029 Ancient Chinese Shang vs Zhou Dynasty Troopers
H030 Modern US Army
H031 Modern Urban Resisters
H032 Chinese Ming Dynasty Troopers
H033 Chinese Qing Dynasty Troopers
H034 WWI French Infantry (1914)
H035 World War I German Army
H036 WWII Chinese Army
H037 World War II German Army
H038 WWII French Army
H040 Ancient Germans
H041 Roman Legionary
H042 Pharaoh's Chariot with Biblical Peasant
H043 Chinese Han Dynasty Troopers
H045 Republican Roman Army
H046 Philistine Warriors
H047 Ancient Egyptian Warriors
H048 The Sea Peoples
H049 Nubian Warriors
H050 Egyptian Sherden the Royal Guards
H051 Roman Legionary (Set II)
H052 World War II German Panzergrenadiers (Set 1)
H053 WWII German Panzergrenadiers II
H054 WWII US Army (Set 1)
H055 World War II British Army
H056 World War II Partisans in Europe
H057 Modern Israeli Defence Force
H058 Modern US Elite Force
H059 Modern French Army & Chinese PLA
H060 Modern British Army
H061 Modern Special Forces Worldwide
H062 Modern German Army (Bundeswehr)
H063 Modern Militia
H064 Celt Warriors
H065 Greek Warriors (Hoplites)
H066 Persian Warriors
H067 World War II German Mountain Troops
H068 WWII German Paratroopers
H069 WWII German Army with Field Greatcoat
H070 WWII German Afrika Korps
H071 WWII US Infantry Set 2
H072 WWII Italian Infantry
H073 WWII British Commandos
H074 WWII Late War German Army
H075 WWII Italian Paratroopers
H076 US Paratroopers
H077 German Soldiers with Tank Riders
H079 WWII German Infantry Tank Riders Winter Set 2
H081 WWII German Infantry Marching
H082 Counter-Terrorist Elite Forces
H083 WWII German Infantry in Smocks - Winter
H084 WWII German Artillery/Howitzer Crews
H085 WWII German Panzer Unit in Combat
H086 Dismounted Crusaders
H087 Medieval European Knights 13th Century
H088 European Medieval Foot Soldiers and Archers
H089 WWII German Anti-aircraft Crews
H091 European Knights, 15th Century
H092 WWII German Cavalry Division
H093 WWII German Nebelwerfer 42 & Raketenwerfer 43 with Crew
H094 Modern US Soldiers in Action (Set 2)
H095 WWII German Command Staff with Kübelwagen
H096 WWII German Sd.Kfz.2 Kettenkrad & Raketenwerfer 43
H097 WWII German Winter Unit with Pak 36 / Servants
H098 WWII German Fallschirmjager Heavy Weapons
H099 WWII German Tank Riders (Camouflage Suit)
H101 Mid-East Militia (Iraq & Syria)
H102 Modern Western Tank Crews Set 1 (Germany & Israel)
H103 Modern US Army Tank Crews and Armored Force
CM7711 German Infantry
CM7712 German Paratroopers
CM7713 German Afrikakorps
CM7714 World War II German Panzergrenadiers (Winter Greatcoat East)
CM7715 World War II German Panzergrenadier (Kursk)
CM7716 German Panzergrenadier (Normandy 1944)
CM7717 German Panzergrenadiers (Camouflage Capes)
HB01 Panzergrenadiers (Kharkov 1943)
HB02 WWII Panzergrenadiers (Ardennes 1944)
HB03 WWII German Panzer Crews
HB04 German Army with Camouflage Cape
HB05 WWII German Panzer Crews (Set 2 Wnter/Greatcoat)
HB06 German Army Combat Team One
HB07 German Army Combat Team Two
HB08 German Army Sturmpioniere
HB09 German Army in Stalingrad
HB11 Modern US Soldiers in Action

Dark Dream Studios




8001 Napoleonic French Mamelukes
8002 Napoleonic Prussian Dragoons
8003 Napoleonic British Rocket Troops
8004 American Civil War Zouaves
8005 Napoleonic Prussian Uhlans
8006 Napoleonic Russian Cossacks
8007 Napoleonic Prussian Artillery
8008 Napoleonic Brunswick Avante Garde
8009 Napoleonic French Dragoons
8010 Napoleonic Russian Artillery
8011 Napoleonic French Lancers
8012 Napoleonic Russian Dragoons
8013 Napoleonic Horse Grenadiers
8014 Napoleonic King's German Legion Light Dragoons
8015 Napoleonic Austrian Cuirassiers
8016 Napoleonic Russian Cuirassiers
8017 Republican Roman Princeps and Triari
8018 Republican Roman Hastati and Velites
8019 Hannibal's Spanish Infantry (also fought on Roman side)
8020 Hannibal's African Infantry
8021 Republican Roman Cavalry
8022 Punic War Celtic Cavalry
8023 Carthaginian War Elephants
8024 Hannibal's Numidian Cavalry (also Republican and Imperial Roman ally)
8025 Waterloo Dutch Infantry
8026 Napoleonic Brunswick Leib Battalion
8027 Napoleonic Austrian Infantry
8028 Napoleonic Bavarian Infantry
8029 Napoleonic French Chasseurs a Cheval
8030 Napoleonic Bavarian Cavalry
8031 Napoleonic Austrian Chevauxleger
8032 Waterloo Dutch/Belgian Light Cavalry
8033 Napoleonic British Dragoons
8034 Napoleonic Young Guard
8035 Imperial Roman Catapults
8036 Napoleonic British Light Infantry
8037 Napoleonic Austrian Artillery
8038 Napoleonic Bavarian Artillery
8039 Napoleonic Horse Artillery of the Line
8040 Punic War Italian Ally Infantry (fought on both Republican Roman and Hannibal's sides)
8041 Napoleonic Fusiliers of the Line
8042 Napoleonic French Light Infantry
8043 Macedonian Phalangites
8044 Alexander's Light Infantry (Alexander the Great)
8045 Greek Mercenary Hoplites (fought on both Alexander and Darius' sides)
8046 Alexander's Thracians (Alexander the Great)
8047 Alexander's Macedonian Cavalry (Alexander the Great)
8048 Alexander's Thessalian Cavalry (Alexander the Great)
8049 Alexander's Allied Cavalry (Alexander the Great)
8050 Persian Heavy Cavalry (Darius)
8051 Republican Roman Command
8052 Napoleonic Prussian Reserve Infantry
8053 Napoleonic Prussian Volunteer Jager
8054 Punic War Italian Ally Cavalry (fought on both Republican Roman and Hannibal's sides)
8055 Punic War Spanish Cavalry (fought on both Republican Roman and Hannibal's sides)
8056 Carthaginian Command & Cavalry
8057 Persian Light Infantry (Darius)
8058 Hannibal's Carthaginian Allies
8059 Persian Heavy Infantry (Darius)
8060 WWI Austrian Infantry
8061 WWI Russian Infantry
8062 Napoleonic 1805 French Line Infantry
8063 Napoleonic 1805 French Light Infantry
8064 Imperial Roman Extra Heavy Legionaries
8065 Flavian era Roman auxiliaries
8066 Roman Auxiliary Cavalry
8067 Roman Praetorian Cavalry
8068 Ancient German Warriors
8069 Dacians
8070 WWI Ottoman Inf
8071 WWI ANZAC Inf
8072 Napoleonic 1805 Russian Grenadiers/Guards
8073 Napoleonic 1805 Russian Light Infantry
8074 Iperial Roman auxiliaries
8075 Imperial Roman command
8076 Persian Medium Cavalry (Darius)
8077 Persian Light Cavalry (Darius)
8078 Sea Peoples (Biblicals)
8079 Nubians (Biblicals)
8080 WWI Russian Heavy Weapons
8081 WWI Austrian Heavy Weapons
8082 Flavian era Roman legionaries
8083 Napoleonic 1806 Prussian Musketeers
8084 Napoleonic 1806 Prussian Fusiliers
8085 Gothic Cavalry (Late Roman)
8086 Late Roman Cataphracts
8087 Late Roman Heavy Infantry
8088 Army of Alexander the Great (composed of figures from previously released boxes)
8089 Gallic Warband
8090 Spartans*
8091 Napoleonic Swedish Infantry
8092 Assyrian Infantry
8093 Wurttembergers
8094 WWI Ottoman Artillery and Machine Guns
8095 Napoleonic 1808-1812 French Infantry
8096 Napoleonic Belgian Infantry
8096 Napoleonic Netherlands Militia
8097 Napoleonic Nassau Grenadiers
8097 Napoleonic Lutzow Freikorps
8098 Napoleonic British Sailors and Marines (discontinued)
8099 Napoleonic Russian Militia
8100 Late Roman Light/Medium Infantry
8101 Nap. French Ammunition Caisson
8102 Nap. French Wurst Wagon
8103 Nap. French Light Ambulance
8104 Nap. French Heavy Ambulance
8105 Nap. French 6 Horse Limber Team
8106 Nap. French Baggage Wagon
8107 Nap. French Field Forge
8108 Nap. French Pontoon
8109 WWI German Artillery
8110 WWI German Heavy Weapons
8111 WWI Canadian Infantry
8112 WWI US Infantry
8113 FT-17 Renault with 37mm cannon
8114 FT-17 Renault with Hotchkiss mg
8115 WWII Polish Infantry
8116 Nap. Spanish Guerillas
8117 Achaemenid Persian Army (composed of figures from previously released boxes)
8118 WWII Romanian Army
8119 WWII German Bicyclists
8120 WWII German Mounted Troops
8121 Assyrian Allied/Auxiliary Infantry
8122 WWI Serbian Infantry
8123 WWI German Colonial Troops
8124 Assyrian Chariot
8125 Assyrian Cavalry
8126 WWII German Motorcycle and Sidecar
8127 WWII German Motorcycles
8128 Assyrian Army
8129 Theban Army
8130 Sumerian Chariot
8131 Indian Cavalry
8132 Sumerian Infantry
8133 Gothic Army
8134 Etruscan Army*
8135 1806 Prussian Grenadiers
8136 1806 Prussian Elites
8137 Late Roman Missile Troops
8138 Celtic Command
8139 Celtic Chariot
8140 Celtic Chariot with warrior Queen
8141 Macedonian Elephant
8142 Indian Elephant
8143 Indian Chariot
8144 Parthian Light Cavalry
8145 Parthian Cataphracts
8146 1805 French in greatcoats
8147 Waterloo Nassau Line Infantry
8148 WWI French Infantry (with kepi)
8149 WWII German Pak36 37mm AT gun
8150 WWII German Pak40 75mm AT gun
8151 Republican Roman Army
8152 Carthaginian Army
8153 Australian Light Horse
8154 Indian Infantry
8155 Russian 76.2mm gun*
8156 German PaK 36(r) ATG
8157 WW2 Polish Artillery Crew
8158 WWI US Artillery (75mm)
8159 WWI early French Arty (75mm)
8160 WW2 Romanian Arty Crew
8161 WWI late French Arty (75mm)
8162 WW2 French Artillery crew
8163 WW2 German 75mm IG18 inf gun
8164 -
8165 -
8166 French Line Grenadiers 1808-1812
8167 French Middle Guard
8168 El Cid Andalusian Infantry
8169 Napoleonic Bavarian Fusiliers
8170 French Guard Chasseurs
8171 1805 French Grenadier/Voltigeurs
8172 75mm gun M1897*
8173 76.2mm Putilov m/02
8174 Brunswick Cavalry
8175 Wurttemberg Cavalry
8176 El Cid Spanish Infantry
8177 WWI British Heavy Weapons
8178 Swedish Cavalry
8179 Gatling Gun and Crew
8180 Gardner Gun and Crew
8181 17th British Lancers
8182 Natal Native Horse
8183 Late Roman Medium Cav
8184 Greek Catapult
8185 Macedonian Hyspapist
8186 British Infantry Peninsular War
8187 1806 Saxon Infantry
8188 Late Roman Cavalry
8189 El Cid Almoravid Infantry
8190 WWI ANZAC Heavy Weapons
8191 Zulu Warriors
8192 Native Natal Contingent
8193 Egyptian Camelry
8194 British Camel Corps
8195 1806 Prussian Hussars
8196 1806 Prussian Dragoons
8197 1808-1812 Prussian Hussars
8198 Napoleonic Austrian Grenadiers
8199 WWI German Jaeger 1914
8200 WWI German Infantry 1914
8201 El Cid Spanish Light Cavalry
8202 Colonial War Highlanders
8203 Colonial War Indian Infantry
8204 Austrian Grenzer
8205 Sassanid Infantry
8206 Frontier Light Horse
8207 Baggage Camels*
8208 Mahdist Camelry
8209 British Mounted Infantr
8210 British Colonial Artillery
8211 Celtiberian Warriors*
8212 Carthaginian Veteran Spearmen
8213 El Cid Spanish Heavy Cavalry
8214 El Cid Moorish Light Cavalry
8215 El Cid Moorish Heavy Cavalry
8216 Greek Hoplites*
8217 Persian Immortals*
8218 1808-12 French Light Inf Voltigeurs
8219 1808-12 French Light Inf Chasseurs
8220 1808-12 French Light Inf Carabiniers
8221 -
8222 -
8223 Sassanid Clibanarii*
8224 Sassanid Elephant*
8225 Austrian Wagon
8226 Austrian Cannon and Limber
8227 WW2 British Machine Guns
8228 WW2 British Mortars
8229 1805 French Artillery
8230 1806 Prussian Artillery
8231 Swedish Artillery
8232 Wurttemberg Artillery
8233 Austrian Landwehr
8234 French Light Infantry in Greatcoats
8235 WWI Highlanders
8236 WWI Indian Infantry
8237 Zulu War British Infantry
8238 WWI Austrian Mortar*
8239 WWI French 37mm gun*
8240 WWI German Machine Gun 08*
8241 WWI German Jaeger MG08*
8242 WWI Italian 75mm Déport Gun
8243 WWI British QF 4.5 Howitzer
8244 WWI AH 75mm Skoda Mountain Gun
8245 WWI AH 100mm M.14
8246 El Cid Almoravid Light Cavalry
8247 El Cid Almoravid Heavy Cavalry
8248 El Cid Spanish Command
8249 El Cid Moorish Command
8250 Taaishi Camelry
8251 French Light Inf Chass Action
8252 French Light Inf Command
8253 Prussian Infantry Marching
8254 Prussian Infantry Action
8255 Prussian Infantry Command
8256 WWI British Artillery Crew
8257 WWI Russian Artillery Crew
8258 WWI Austrian Artillery Crew
8259 WWI Italian Artillery Crew
8260 WWI German Field Wagon
8261 WW2 German Field Wagon
8262 WW2 German Tank Riders
8263 WW2 Russian Tank Riders
8264 WW2 British Tank Riders
8265 WW2 American Tank Riders
8266 Rome's Enemies
8267 Sassanid Light Infantry
8268 Askari
8269 Ruga-Ruga
8270 Schutztruppen
8271 Dervish Infantry
8272 WWI British Cavalry
8273 WWI French Cavalry
8274 WWI Turkish Cavalry
8275 WWI Belgian Bicylists
8276 WWI German Bicylists
8277 WW2 German Bicylists
8278 WW2 Japanese Bicylists
8279 Napoleonic Mounted Command
8280 7YW Prussians Marching
8281 7YW Prussians Action
8282 7YW Prussians Command
8283 Sassanid Light Cavalry
8284 -
8285 Sassanid Cataphracts
8286 Colonial Ox Wagon
8287 Colonial General Service Wagon
8288 Colonial British Dragoons
8289 Colonial Bengal Lancers
8290 WWI Belgian Infantry
8291 WWI Belgian Heavy Weapons
8292 WWI British Expeditionary Force
8293 WWI British Khaki Drill
8294 1815 French Infantry Marching
8295 7YW Austrian Infantry Sampler
8296 pre-1812 French Infantry Marching
8297 pre-1812 French Infantry Command
8298 Huns
8299 Zulu War British Inf. Command
8300 Nap. Spanish Light Infantry
8301 Nap. Spanish Grenadiers
8302 Nap. Spanish Infantry
8303 Nap. Spanish Command
8304 Nap. British Command
8305 Carthaginian Sacred Band*
8306 WWI Artillery Limber*
8307 Nap. British Light Cavalry
8308 Nap. British Heavy Cavalry
8309 Prussian Landwehr Marching

8310 Prussian Landwehr Action
8311 Nap. Naval Cannon and Crew
8312 WWI German Uhlans*
8313 WWI German Cavalry*
8314 WWI Russian Cavalry*
8315 WWI Russian Cossacks*
8316 Unmarried Zulu Warriors
8319 ACW Marching set 1
8320 ACW Command
8322 7YW Austrians Marching
8323 7YW Austrians Action
8324 7YW Austrians Command
8325 British Marines and Sailors
8326 Nap. Austrians Marching
8327 Nap. Austrians Action
8328 Nap. Austrians Command
8329 Nap. Prussian Infantry Sampler
8332 ACW Marching set 2
8333 ACW Infantry Sampler
8338 Nap. Austrian Infantry Sampler
8339 El Cid Moorish Cavalry Sampler
8340 Nap. British Dragoon Sampler





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