Freitag, 13. Januar 2017

Informations Painting / Resolution collection 1/72

In addition to my regularly appearing videos on projects and paintings, I will also present every new set of figures of the manufacturers (except tin / resin) here and also painted. The sets are painted completely. At the same time, I would like to make the offer that in the sets, where several sprues with the same miniatures are available, some of the painted figures can also be purchased by collectors.


Strelets M series = 4 sprues with 12 figures each = 3 sprues, thus 36 figures I would then offer over my market place. Price should then be at 40 € + shipping.

I will start with it in February .... but I also want to dissolve a large part of my plastic miniatures collection and only one of the sets each keep a figurine pose and then exhibit in Diorama-Boxes times. So, for example, of Strelets-M series 12 miniatures kept for my own collection (painted figures) and 36  for a collector.

Thus incomplete sets are painted, but for the time being painted. Most of the manufacturers are Strelets, Hare, Italeri, Revell, Mars, Orion, Redbox, Caesar Miniatures, Imex, Call to Arms, Odemars and Emhar. Depending on how I make it temporally it will be 1-2 sets a week.

So if you are interested, just look at my blog. I will regularly post the paintings and which figures are foreseen for the delivery. And also which sets are next provided.

If someone is interested in a particular set, maybe I have it in my collection and if necessary I would prefer it. Otherwise you have to wait and surprise what sets come.

It will also change every epoch.

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