Sonntag, 22. September 2013

Inspiration Modellbau in Mainz 2014 (Miniatures-Area)

I would like to make a proclamation / Invitation for Mainz 2014 (maybe in Sept. again).

Everyone is welcome to our fantastic event. An event for young and old and the complete family :-) .

Our Miniatures-Area takes 15-20% from the complete hall. And in this area we have mainly the scale of 1/72, but also others (15 or 28 mm). Our Area grows from year to year :-D

So I would like to invite you to Mainz 2014 (yes I know, it is far, but not so far :-) for to make the organsiation).

For Questions or pre-registraion (if you want a place for to to show your works) you can contact me (here over PM).

Everyone is welcome... with every painting-class.

2014 we want to make the painting-competition further and some other things :-).

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